Conservation Criminology at Michigan State University

Online Graduate Certificate Program

The Conservation Criminology online Graduate Certificate Program is composed of the following sequence of courses: Environmental Risk Perception and Decision-Making, Corporate Environmental Crime and Risk, and Global Risks, Conservation, and Criminology. The program is designed to promote the deconstruction of key environmental risks using multiple scales (e.g., individual, corporate, international) and to use a diverse set of disciplinary theories, methods and tools to explore and explain environmental risks, including regulation, enforcement and broader strategies to achieve compliance (e.g., education, risk communication, etc). In offering a creative way of thinking about harms to and from the environment and the nature and scope of such harms, Conservation Criminology may offer a more adaptive framework for understanding human capacity to minimize or adapt to environmental risks. Offering the classes online will allow for a level of creative and content flexibility not available to traditional classroom based courses. The online environment also allows the certificate program to reach a greater number of students.

The certificate may be taken as part of a degree seeking program or as a lifelong education student (non-degree seeking).


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Environmental Risk Perception and Decision Making (Spring Semester 2015)

Corporate Environmental Crime and Risk (Spring Semester 2014)

Global Risk, Conservation and Criminology (Fall Semester 2013)

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