Conservation Criminology at Michigan State University


  • April, 2009
    Conservation Criminology faculty members and students are integrally involved in organizing and implementing a capacity building and education program in traditional criminal justice and environmental issues for a delegation of 12 Philipino academics and policy makers.

  • February, 2009
    Visit to Environmental Evaluation Unit at University of Cape Town, South Africa and International Law Enforcement Training Academy in Gabarone, Botswana.

  • December, 2008
    Organized Session, "Using risk perception and communication to understand environmental crime." At Risk Analysis: The Science and the Art. Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting. Boston, Massachusetts.

  • September, 2008
    Organized Session, "Towards better understanding of risk perception, communication, and decision-making for human dimensions of wildlife." At the Pathways to Success Conference: Increasing human capacity for human-wildlife coexistence. Estes Park, Colorado.

  • September, 2008
    Conservation Criminology Luncheon

  • September, 2007
    Environmental Crime & Natural Resource Sustainability Conference
    Michigan State University